Reproductive Health Commodities Logistics System (RHC-LS) Automation System Strengthening in Myanmar



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JSI has been helping to strengthen the health supply chain in Myanmar since 2013, working toward piloting a reproductive health commodities logistics system (RHC-LS) in 12 townships. At the time, rural health centers and township facilities entered logistics data by hand and sent the forms up the system, to be entered into the computer system at the highest level.

In 2014, Relief International (RI) contracted with JSI to help strengthen the supply chain that delivers RH products in Dedayae township, specifically through piloting innovations that automate the collection and aggregation of logistics data at lower levels in the supply chain. Dedayae became the first township to use a computer platform to enter and view logistics data at the township level. This provided proof of concept to the Ministry of Health that automation was possible at the township level, and encouraged the Ministry to roll out automation to the rest of the existing Reproductive Health Commodity Logistics System (RHC-LS) townships in Southern Shan. The result has been a four-fold increase in the number of transactions entered in the automated system across the 12 townships in 4 states and regions.



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