Knowledge Management Services (KMS II)






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Knowledge Management Services supports USAID to increase its capacity to manage and evaluate its programs and to demonstrate and document the importance and impact of its global health portfolio.

JSI is the primary subcontractor, with Insight Systems as prime contractor, on this project that supports USAID’s Global Health Bureau with a wide range of knowledge management services.

JSI’s and Insight’s work on this project is extensive, managing intranet sites, microsites, reports and social media for a wide range of entities and initiatives, including President’s Malaria Initiative.

Under this contract, we also conduct analysis of international health trends and data, supporting USAID’s aim to promote evidence based approaches in child survival, maternal health, immunization, and more.

Under the previous contract, JSI supported projects like the 5th Birthday initiative, 50 years of Global Health report, 2014 PMI Report, and Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths: USAID Maternal Health Vision to Action. 

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