Investigating Field-Based Approaches to Strengthen Domestic Violence Prevention Research



Blue Shield of California Foundation


United States

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JSI is investigating field-based approaches to strengthen domestic-violence prevention research. The contract includes three main phases of work. Phase 1 involves internal assessment and planning through engagement with Blue Shield of California (BSCF) staff and a document review to gain a baseline understanding of recent BSCF efforts to strengthen domestic-violence prevention research. Phase 2 involves a scan of literature published in the past five years to have a snapshot of the range of ways domestic-violence prevention research is being defined, and the state of the evidence on domestic-violence prevention research. This will be followed by interviews and/or focus groups with between 15 to 24 researchers and 3 to 5 research consumers to understand the landscape of researchers and their perspectives on the needs, challenges, and opportunities for strengthening domestic-violence prevention research. Phase 3 entails a synthesis of findings from Phases 1 and 2 to develop recommendations for the top 2-3 approaches to best meet the needs of researchers and strengthen the DV prevention research field.

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