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JSI works with the RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals to manage the Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center (RIPRC), a training and technical assistance (TTA) resource for Rhode Island substance abuse prevention providers.

TTA is provided based on the self-identified capacity building needs of substance abuse prevention providers and delivered in a wide range of formats including: face-to-face meetings and training sessions, Learning Collaboratives, conference calls, video conferencing and e-learning opportunities. A website for sharing resources and information, providing access to TTA, promoting training sessions, and showcasing the services sponsored by the Department was developed as a central source for linking substance abuse providers to appropriate TTA and a current source of local information for the public.

The RIPRC also focuses on increasing participation in the RI Substance Abuse Prevention Certification system. While building on the current substance abuse prevention infrastructure, the RIPRC works to expand and increase the capacity of the prevention workforce in RI.

The RIPRC supports the development of the RI Substance Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan, Workforce Development Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention Providers, and Training and Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Implementation Plan. These plans are guiding documents for the development of the RIPRC and to the state’s overall substance abuse prevention goals, objectives, and vision.

Watch a video produced by JSI for the project, Prevention Profile: Facing the Opioid Epidemic in Rhode Island


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