Community Nutrition Hubs and Healthcare Partnerships



National Parks and Recreation Association


United States

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Parks and recreation agencies support communities by providing programming and services that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of residents. As a trusted and accessible community institution, parks and recreation agencies are uniquely positioned to address matters such as food security, and play a role in bridging the gap between residents and healthcare providers.

Building on decades of community-level work, the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA) launched the Community Nutrition Hub Initiative, which works to support local park and recreation agencies in their efforts to connect and establish partnerships with healthcare organizations, with a focus on increasing access to healthy foods. NRPA engaged JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. to provide technical assistance in the form of microlearning training opportunities and the development of a best practice resource to support NRPA practitioners as they break down systemic barriers to healthy food. To inform these efforts, JSI conducted an environmental scan, focus groups, and key informant interviews to ensure that the training opportunities met the diverse range of settings, roles, and needs among NRPA practitioners across the country.

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