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JSI has been working to advance climate change preparedness and resiliency (CCPR) planning for the City of Cambridge. Building on these efforts, the Cambridge Public Health Department (CPHD) is using the opportunity to begin reaching out to the most vulnerable populations in the neighborhood and their community-based supports. Piloting first in The Port neighborhood, CPHD and its JSI consultant team are further documenting and testing actions that can set the stage for community health and wellness strategies detailed in the city's CCPR draft report. The intent is to:

  1. Identify and reach out to vulnerable populations and their leaders to validate/select preparedness, communications, and resiliency-building strategies that work for their communities.
  2. Develop and test materials and programs to educate vulnerable populations on heat and flooding risks and how they can prepare and foster resiliency.
  3. Enhance local leadership among affected populations to promote equity and wellness strategies that advance climate justice.

In 2018, JSI worked with the CPHD, local community leaders, and youth we trained through the City's Teem Media program to create a video on Climate Change and Health tailored to issues of Extreme Heat and Flooding projections for the Port. The video is available online and is showing at community events, including a Climate Art Exhibit at the City Hall Annex and in local workshops organized with a range of community service organizations.



Social Cohesion and Climate Change Resilience

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