Choice Optimization in Immunization: Country Exercises for Sustainability (CHOICES)



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The goal of the CHOICES project is that low- and lower-middle income country immunization programs a) include and can sustain both inclusion and high coverage of pneumococcal, rotavirus, and HPV vaccines and b) are aligned with broad country health priorities for communicable disease prevention and control.

Recent experience under Rotavirus Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Network (RAVIN), as well as under complementary and related initiatives underway with global partners, has surfaced a number of gaps in the resources available to guide country immunization program decision-making, particularly for program optimization and comprehensive prioritization efforts.

RAVIN consortium is a cross-disciplinary partnership between the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC), John Snow, Inc. (JSI), and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

RAVIN has provided technical support to eight Gavi-eligible countries—Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Nepal—across RVV introduction and product switch decision-making, Gavi application, introduction preparation, and implementation. Our consortium partners have honed a set of common values throughout the RAVIN project, which will continue through this new grant:

  • Promoting country self-determination, so that decisions made are locally-owned and outlast this project
  • Integrating our work with relevant efforts of global partners, so that we strengthen and support their work
  • Committing to accompany countries by embedding local staff in government offices to support project activities
  • Investing in capacity, so that countries, global partners, and the health system realize a sustained value from engaging with our project

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