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Since the launch of the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI) in 2016, JSI has been providing sustainability and financing technical support to grantees. This support has focused on clarifying value propositions, developing wellness funds and other infrastructure to collectively manage resources, and identifying and engaging potential contributors. JSI has created tools and other resources to support the systematic development of actionable sustainability strategies. Additionally, JSI has support initiative-wide strategy on Medi-Cal policy and engaging statewide partnerships. 

The concept of Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) is gaining momentum in California and nationally as a leading-edge approach to realizing ambitious community-level health improvements, aligning healthcare and community health strategies, and pursuing health equity. By developing a comprehensive portfolio of clinical, social service, linkage, and policy/system/environment strategies, an ACH seeks to improve the health of the entire community, with particular attention to priority health conditions and achieving greater health equity. However, in order to be brought to scale and achieve long-term goals, an ACH will need to secure financial support from multiple payers for services, programs, and partnership functions.


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