Increasing the Well-being of the Health Center Workforce

August 25th, 2022 | News


The health care workforce is particularly susceptible to overwork and burnout, and public health crises such as COVID-19 exacerbate the problem. Burnout can reduce quality of care and workforce retention.

Through the Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey, with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration and Bureau of Primary Health Care, we aim to improve staff well-being and reduce burnout, and promote recruitment and workforce resilience after public health emergencies.

The survey will measure variables such as job satisfaction, burnout, engagement, and intention to remain at particular health centers. Questions cover a variety of themes, such as job characteristics, leadership, experiences, attitudes, resources, and demographics, with the goal of capturing notable differences in well-being for specific groups.

We will be talking with health center leaders about the survey at this year’s annual NACHC Community Health Institute and EXPO. The survey will contribute to the conference goal of finding new ways to improve the workforce and deliver care more effectively and efficiently.

Learn more about the Health Center Workforce Well-being Initiative.

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