Improving Reliable Access to Contraception in Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, and Myanmar

June 30th, 2022 | News


In partnership with our affiliate, inSupply Health, we have co-authored an article in Global Health Science and Practice (GHSP) Data to Action: A Mixed-Methods Study of Data Use Teams, Improved Availability of Contraceptives in Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, and Myanmar

Access to family planning is critical to unlocking health improvements in lower- and middle-income countries. Despite this, women and girls who want to avoid pregnancy have an unmet need for contraception. A barrier to meeting unmet need is reliable access to contraceptive supplies.

Information Mobilized for Performance Analysis and Continuous Transformation (IMPACT) Teams are an approach to routinely bring together data, people, processes, and technology, under the leadership of governments, to institute a change in culture that leads to sustained improvements in supply chain processes and outcomes. IMPACT Teams have been implemented in multiple countries to achieve targeted gains in contraceptive (and other health commodities) supply chain performance through improved data visibility and use by multilevel decision-making teams.

This article presents the findings from a mixed-methods study that examined whether data use teams were effective in improving reproductive health supply chain outcomes in Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, and Myanmar and identified enablers and barriers to IMPACT Team success and sustainability in Indonesia and Kenya. Click here to read the full article. 

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