Giving Guinea the Tools They Need to Manage Health Data

August 21st, 2018 | News


In many countries, scattered, unintegrated health care data make it challenging for officials to have a full picture of their country’s health system. Digital Square recently invested in Global Open Facility Registry-Core (GOFR-Core) –a set of tools that can synthesize and identify potential duplicate facilities across multiple sources of facility data. GOFR-Core reduces data redundancy, improves access to information, and gives users the tools needed to manage their health location information on a national and international scale.

To encourage country participation in the design, Digital Square launched GOFR-Connect to ensure that a specific set of countries would be heavily involved in the design and implementation of this technology. With funding from GOFR-Connect, JSI and RTI International are supporting the Guinean Ministry of Health to set-up, pilot, and eventually adopt the GOFR-Core set of tools. Read Digital Health’s new blog to learn more about the partnership and JSI’s efforts to improve data governance and data sharing in Guinea.

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