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Population Health Programs to Meet Community Health Goals

Health outcomes and costs are determined by much more than medical care. Issues such as housing, economic opportunity, food security, transportation, exposure to violence and trauma, structural discrimination, and racism have just as much influence, if not more. Successful population health initiatives require new strategies, policies, infrastructure, and partnerships.

In our population health work, we take a systematic approach to improving health and health equity outcomes for groups of people defined by specific characteristics or geography. We understand that sustaining changes in health behaviors requires policies, environments, and social systems that address the determinants of health and support positive lifestyle habits.

We assist community-based organizations, multi-sector collaboratives, government agencies, philanthropy, health plans, health systems, and providers as they launch or continue population health efforts.

We work to:

  • Design and facilitate strategic planning that results in clear goals and outcomes, action plans for intervention and infrastructure building, and monitoring and quality improvement practices;
  • Create sustainability plans that include clear value propositions, financial impact and cost-benefit analysis, and a breakdown of potential funders/contributors;
  • Identify, implement, and evaluate evidence- and practice-based interventions;
  • Advance policy change and implementation of emerging policies such as value-based payment and wellness funds.

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