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Applying Digital Solutions Globally to Support Data-Driven Health Systems

JSI’s Center for Digital Health supports JSI and World Education and our clients’ to apply appropriate, user-centered, digital health solutions to solve public health problems. From mobile data collection to delivery of health supplies by drones, we help countries and partners maximize the potential of technological innovations to strengthen and build resilient, responsive health systems.

JSI is a strong supporter of the use of Digital Public Goods in health and other programs and views them as key enablers of digital transformation in the countries we work. JSI has supported the use and further development of more than 10 DPGs in nearly 20 countries across the world in the course of our programming.

An Ethiopian health worker in a white coat uses a tablet to record medical records.

The Center for Digital Health believes that digital solutions are vital to the success of public health initiatives and to meeting tomorrow’s public health challenges. JSI is identifying, applying, and adapting digital health interventions to save lives.

Lessons from the COVID-19 Surveillance and Tracking System to Accelerate the Use of Digital Tools for Vaccination Programs

The Ethiopia Digital Health Activity provides technical and implementation support to rollout digital tools that support the COVID-19 vaccination program. We believe that our support will facilitate data-driven client prioritization and access to ensure people such as the elderly, individuals with comorbidity, frontline workers, and others who need it most are vaccinated; ensure longitudinal tracking of clients who have received the vaccine full doses and use the tracking for possible future booster doses; monitor and respond quickly to adverse vaccine reactions; track vaccines to the last mile to avoid diversions and misuse, and facilitate reporting.

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Digital Health Center
Digital Health @ JSI
Digital Health @ JSI

JSI is a pioneer in health information systems and logistics management technology. We help governments, donors, and multilateral organizations choose mechanisms to meet their public health needs. For nearly four decades, JSI has applied a collaborative, user-centered approach to designing, building, deploying, and managing digital solutions.

cStock: A Digital Approach to Strengthening Community Supply Chains

cStock is a digital supply chain strengthening approach, implemented via multiple digital platforms. Community health workers (CHWs) use cStock to report their health supplies stock levels and facilitate resupply. CHWs receive a message when their commodities are packed for resupply distribution, so they don’t waste time and resources traveling when no products are available.

Digital Health Activity: Y2 Annual Report

The Digital Health Activity has improved the quality and availability of healthcare services through the deployment of data-driven and patient-centered digital tools. DHA is helping build sustainable, resilient, and interoperable health information systems (HIS) that ensure the entire health sector is equipped to improve the health and well-being of all Ethiopians.

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