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Applying Digital Solutions Globally to Support Data-Driven Health Systems

From mobile data collection to delivery of health supplies by drones, we help countries and partners maximize the potential of technological innovations to strengthen and build resilient, responsive health systems.

We are leaders in developing and supporting contextually appropriate digital health solutions with expertise in mobile health, health information systems, and electronic logistics management information systems. Through the JSI Center for Digital Health, we apply collaborative, user-centered approaches to design, build, deploy, and manage digital health solutions.

With a keen understanding of the day-to-day public health realities faced by governments—and people—we work across the full public health spectrum to implement digital health solutions to improve decision making and access at all levels of the health system. For more information, please download the Center for Digital Health two-pager.


Digital Health Practice Areas

Health Information Systems
We have been developing, deploying, and managing health information systems around the world for more than 40 years. As technology has advanced, we have helped countries overcome significant challenges, ranging from collecting high-quality data, making systems interoperable, ensuring data security, training and retaining staff, and making timely and accurate information available from the highest national level to the most remote clinics.
Our work in health information systems includes:
  • Health management information systems, including DHIS2 and logistics management
  • Geographic information systems
  • Electronic medical record systems
  • Interoperability and health information mediators
  • Vaccine information management systems
Mobile Solutions
Our mobile solutions target all levels of a health system, from strengthening service delivery of frontline workers at the point of care, to supplying supervisors and facility managers with the information they need for data-driven workforce management.
We recognize that mobile solutions are part of the larger digital health ecosystem and must be designed with integration and interoperability in mind.
Our work in mobile solutions includes:
  • Data collection
  • Messaging for behavior change
  • Tools for frontline workers
Data Services
We build capacity for effective data collection and use for program monitoring. We help clients make decisions based on analysis and visualization of geospatial data, and explore the analytic possibilities of open data. We customize open-source and commercial products, building solutions tailored to user needs.
Our work in services includes:
  • Data visualization
  • Data use
  • Data management
  • Data retention/protection/security
Technology for Health Supply Chain Management
Data visibility is a prerequisite for an effective and efficient supply chain. To balance supply and demand, it is vital to know the inventory and demand at all levels, from global supply to the last mile. New technology is increasingly important to data visibility and supply chain performance.
We apply technologies appropriate to each level of the system to capture digital data, increase real-time data visibility, and build a culture of data use for district, national, and global supply chain operations.
Our work in technology for logistics includes:
Knowledge Management, eLearning & Social Behavior Change
We advance public health solutions by creating, leveraging, and disseminating content to improve lives through eLearning platforms, web systems, and targeted communications for health and education projects and enterprise-level systems. We identify how and in which contexts people learn and use key metrics to create solutions that help users access, absorb, and use the right information.
Our work in KM, eLearning, and SBC includes:
  • eLearning
  • Knowledge management
  • Web services
  • Digital health communications
  • Social media
Building Blocks for Applied Technology
Low-cost, high-functioning technology can help countries improve health systems and outcomes, but the right foundational components are essential. From legal policies to supportive industries, we help our partners leverage the digital revolution to build sound and resilient health systems.
Our applied technology building blocks include:
  • eHealth policy/strategy
  • Digital financial solutions
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Solar solutions

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