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International Community Health

Taking health services to people where they live can be critical to improving health outcomes, particularly in hard-to-reach areas and in difficult contexts. For 40 years, we have advanced and supported programs to improve the overall health of communities.

Our approach takes into account the wider social determinants that affect health. Using various methods, including human-centered design, we collaborate with communities and the larger health systems that work to reach those communities.

We implement community-based immunization and child health; malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment; and improved family planning and reproductive health services including counseling. In the aftermath of crises and shocks, such as Ebola, we have developed “community healing dialogues” that convene people to mitigate concerns and reduce stigma.


Supporting Government Initiatives
National programs often decentralize important functions, and we have supported local governments and elected officials to manage community health actions. We help governments develop community health approaches and policies that reach people in the most-remote areas while considering private for profit and nonprofit sector engagement.
Social & Behavior Change
We have led behavior change and social mobilization actions to improve community health from nutrition to drinking-water treatment, integrated primary care to hygiene and sanitation.
Community Financing
We have helped establish community health financing schemes, including income generation for community health workers, health mutuals, and expansion of community banking into remote areas, as well as programs that support health insurance and other health financing.
Building Capacity
We work with communities to increase the capacity of volunteers, health workers, and coalitions to implement health strategies, conduct essential research and evaluations, expand policy skills, and strengthen leadership.


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