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Behavioral Health


Promoting Integrated Behavioral Health and Medical Health Services for Optimal Care

A group of adults talking about behavioral health at JSI. Although more than a quarter of our population suffers from mental illness or substance use disorders, the vast majority does not receive treatment to alleviate their suffering. This is partially due to the fragmentation of behavioral and physical health care settings, services delivery, and reimbursement. Unfortunately, behavioral and medical health care in the U.S. has evolved as two separate and siloed systems of care, creating barriers to access and resulting in sub-optimal health outcomes.

We work diligently to better integrate the two systems and improve care delivery in both. Our work includes creating multidisciplinary, collaborative care teams that can coordinate services. This often involves placing behavioral health specialists in the primary care setting or bringing primary care providers to behavioral health specialty settings.

We work in both sectors to provide services more effectively and improve access to care in the context of health care reform. We also promote behavioral health as an integral part of the medical home concept.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Community needs assessment of behavioral health services
  • Strategic planning services for integrated delivery systems
  • Program evaluation of integrated delivery system performance and care models
  • Data collection and analysis to assess initiative impacts and facilitate data-driven decision making to enhance services and policies
  • Training and technical assistance to states and primary care and behavioral health specialty providers to support coordination
  • Integrated behavioral health workforce development
  • Information technology solutions to support the implementation of innovative practices

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