Colorado Staff Receive Specialized MAT Training

July 10th, 2018 | News


Jeremy Make and Patrice (Zink) Fanning, JSI senior consultants from the Colorado office, have recently been certified as practice facilitators and team trainers for IT MATTTRs2 (Implementing Technology and Medication Assisted Treatment and Team Training) in Rural Colorado.

IT MATTTRs2 is a statewide initiative that is expanding access to medication-assisted treatment  (MAT) for opioid use disorder across Colorado. The project offers incentives to providers who obtain their DEA X waiver required to prescribe MAT. The project also delivers sound team training to practices, giving them knowledge and tools to adopt a comprehensive MAT program.

Jeremy facilitates team training at primary care and behavioral health settings on the use of MAT for people struggling with opioid use disorders and substance dependence. He is currently training practices in the Denver metro area to support all patients. At the beginning of each training, Jeremy outlines his goals:

  1. Reduce stigma
  2. Increase understanding and empathy
  3. Create a team to support patients with evidence-based techniques
  4. Redefine successful treatment outcomes

“Not all patients are the same, and we all have unique challenges to overcome,” Jeremy says. “If we can work alongside patients in the challenge of improving health, we’re providing a service at the same time that we’re learning, growing, and getting even better at health care.”

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