Behavioral Science: Practical Applications to Immunization

February 9th, 2022 | Event


Behavioral science—the study of human behavior—offers significant promise in designing interventions to increase vaccine uptake for both COVID-19 and routine immunization programs. By understanding factors associated with low community demand for vaccination and developing appropriate interventions, we can progress toward equitable vaccine coverage.

In pursuit of these goals, the Behavioral Science – Immunization Network, in partnership with the Boost Community, invites you to its inaugural event, Behavioral Science: Practical Applications to Immunization.

Participants will learn about how behavioral science interventions have helped overcome immunization programming challenges in different contexts. Behavioral science and immunization experts will discuss recommended interventions and how to implement them.

This event will feature:

  • Saad Omer, Director of Yale Institute for Global Health
  • Sanju Bhattarai, Communication for Development Officer at UNICEF Nepal
  • Drew Bernard and Sarah Francis, Founding Partners at Upswell

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