JSI India

In 2013, we established John Snow India Private Limited (JSI India), a subsidiary of JSI with formal registration in India. In 2014, we established JSI R&T India Foundation. These entities allow JSI India’s staff to combine their local expertise with JSI’s global infrastructure, knowledge management, best practices, and financial support. JSI India collaborates with government, donors, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and the private sector to build capacity across the public health spectrum with a focus on maternal, newborn, and child health; immunization; HIV; tuberculosis; nutrition; and supply chain management. As with all our work, our approach fosters local ownership and sustainability.

John Snow Health Zambia

John Snow Health Zambia, Ltd.John Snow Health Zambia Limited (JSH) is an indigenous company legally registered in Zambia. The mission of JSH is to improve the health of individuals and communities in Zambia through provision of public health and consultation services and research. JSH works with the Zambian government, donors, nongovernment entities, and communities. Zambian citizens are the majority owners of JSH. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., based in Boston, MA, is a minority member and guarantor of JSH, contributing decades of proven organizational and management best practices.

InSupply Health

inSupply Health, JSI’s affiliate in East Africa, is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with an office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. inSupply is an African health advisory firm that works to improve people’s access to essential health products and services. inSupply develops tailored solutions to meet the pressing market need in East Africa for high-quality supply chain technical expertise at a competitive price-point for local and regional organizations.

inSupply began as a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded project in 2015 and registered as an independent organization as the team built a regional brand and reputation for enhancing performance and efficiency through collaboration with partners in the government, nonprofit, and private sectors to design resilient supply chain solutions.Since its launch, the inSupply team has implemented projects for more than 10 clients, including the ELMA Foundation, Gavi, GIZ, and Grand Challenges Canada. 

The Manoff Group

The Manoff Group (TMG), a woman-owned small business, is a global leader in designing and assisting implementation of evidence-driven social and behavior change programming to enhance the health, nutrition, and well-being of vulnerable populations. The firm has been at the forefront of social marketing and behavior change for more than 50 years and delivers creative, human-centered programming supported by targeted communication. TMG’s success is driven by its unique formative research, which includes Trials of Improved Practices and its design and management process, Think|BIG, which offers measurable behavior change pathways and comprehensive program strategies.

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM) is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. and Management Sciences for Health (which left the partnership in 2018). PFSCM helps donors, governments, and public health programs reach their goals of saving lives and serving people in some of the most challenging places on earth.

PFSCM specializes in forecasting, procurement, multi-freight forwarder logistics, pharm-compliant storage, and end-to-end supply chain tracking solutions that ensure cost-savings, high-quality products, on-time and in-full deliveries, product integrity, and data visibility from manufacturer to patient. 

PFSCM has won numerous awards, including two Supply Chain Distinction Awards for Supply Chain Innovation and Best Value Supply Chain Provider at the European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, and in 2014 authored one of the top-five case stories for the World Bank’s Procurement for Complex Situations Challenge.

World Education, Inc.

Since 1951, World Education, Inc. has worked to improve the lives of the poor through economic and social development programs. In 1982, JSI became affiliated with World Education. The two organizations share facilities, infrastructure, and some staff, including President Joel Lamstein.

World Education links education with economic, health, environmental, and civic development. World Education’s programs promote individual and collective change by providing people and organizations with the knowledge and ability to develop skills through community-based learning activities.

JSI also partners with World Education to implement the Bantwana Initiative. Bantwana (‘children’ in Zulu) builds the abilities, skills, and networks of communities to help children affected by HIV access the support and comprehensive care they need to grow into healthy adults.