Yasmin Chandani Featured in Video Series on Women in Supply Chain Leadership

November 18th, 2021 | News


Yasmin Chandani, CEO of JSI’s affiliate inSupplyHealth, is featured in the video series Women in Supply Chain Leadership by Pamela Steele Associates’ Supply Chain Africa News. In the video, Yasmin discusses growing up in a family with deep roots in business and how she resisted pursuing a career in business, only to end up applying many business principles when starting inSupplyHealth. Yasmin explains that inSupply Health was not created to be another donor-dependent organization but rather a viable business model “that could thrive in East Africa and offer value to both public and private clients.”

When asked about the gender disparity of women in supply chain leadership, Yasmin replied “With inSupply we try to achieve balance in everything we do and try very hard to take an inclusive approach, not only with gender but with other factors such as age and ethnic background. We think that the best team is one that is inclusive rather than exclusive.”

By highlighting the work of African women leaders in the health and humanitarian supply chain sector, Pamela Steele Associates hopes to inspire the next generation to consider logistics and supply chain as a career for women, too.

Watch the video.

inSupply Health, an affiliate of JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), is an East African health advisory firm that designs people-centered, scalable, sustainable supply chain solutions. We focus on optimizing data visibility and use, workforce development, and continuous performance improvement. We operate as a social enterprise, aiming for business sustainability while achieving our social mission.

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