Voices of Public Health: Triaging Your Strategic Plan During COVID-19

June 23rd, 2020 | News


COVID-19 has changed every aspect of how community health centers run their businesses and meet their community’s needs. Our new podcast explores how COVID has impacted the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Lawrence, a hotspot for the disease in Massachusetts.

Senior Consultant, Toni McGuire, took time in late May to speak with Greater Lawrence Family Health Center’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Silva, to learn how the community health center has adapted to address the pandemic.

Though the Lawrence Health Center has a robust three-year strategic plan, it was derailed by COVID. Toni asked John how they adapted their strategic plan in the face of the emergency, how they reacted to the crisis both short term and are now planning for the longer term. The interview touched on a wide range of issues, from governance to staffing, finances to new ways of delivering care.

John also highlighted how Lawrence transitioned from about 6,000 face-to-face patient visits a week to almost that many telehealth sessions, as well as how his staff have banded together to support each other even while some, given their own concerns, are learning to work from home.


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