Gimbi’s Story – WEI

Waache Wasome (“Let them Learn”) project, Tanzania

Produced By: Karin Bridger for JSI

Gimbi is a teenage schoolgirl in Tanzania who participated in the Waache Wasome project POY (Protect Our Youth) Clubs, where she and other students learned about their rights, developed organizational and communication skills, learned to set goals, and grew in confidence. When she learned about her father’s plans to take her out of school and marry her off in another region (to obtain a bride price), she put her POY learning to use. First, she convinced her mother not to support the early marriage; then she plucked up the courage to speak with her head of school — who worked with local education officers to put a stop to Gimbi’s father’s plans and organize accommodation closer to school for Gimbi — who was able to continue with her education.