Openness and Access to Information for BPS people in Laos

The USAID-funded WEL-TEAM Project

Produced By: Sathaphon Phoumarinno

Publication Date: 8/25/2017 Video Length: 3:52

The USAID-funded WEL-TEAM Project supports the Lao Association for the Blind (LAB) through a project entitled “Openness and Access to Information for the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS)” to produce Braille story books in Lao language and student textbooks for people with visual impairments. The project aims to improve access to information for the blind and partially sighted by increasing the availability of Braille story books and other information, and improving the library at the LAB Information Center and at LAB branches in 4 provinces in Lao PDR. This video showed the basic information of the Braille and the cooperation between The USAID-funded WEL-TEAM Project and the Lao Association for the Blind (LAB)