Climate Change & Health: The Port Neighborhood in Cambridge, MA – JSI

Cambridge Public Health Department Climate Resiliency Plan

In 2018, JSI worked with the CPHD, local community leaders, and youth we trained through the City’s Teem Media program to create a video on Climate Change and Health tailored to issues of Extreme Heat and Flooding projections for the Port. The video is available online and is shown at community events, including a Climate Art Exhibit at the City Hall Annex and in local workshops organized with a range of community service organizations.

This video showcases how individuals, families, and neighbors in The Port neighborhood of Cambridge, Mass., can start to prepare for extreme weather, including how they can support one another and use available community resources to enhance their current well-being and strengthen social networks.

The video also presents findings from a recent citywide climate change vulnerability assessment, and illustrates how extreme heat and flooding may impact public health in The Port.

The video will set the stage for further community engagement and awareness campaigns, with the goal of bringing the voices and narratives of residents who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts into city policy and planning discussions.