John Snow Inc. implemented the USAID | DELIVER Project, working to improve health outcomes for all by strengthening supply chains of health systems.

For ten years, the USAID l DELIVER PROJECT, implemented by John Snow, Inc., worked to improve the health and well-being of communities around the world. The project strengthened the supply chains that health systems depend on, delivering technical assistance to 65 countries, and medicines and health supplies to 114 countries. From 2006–2016, the project shipped over 8.5 billion health products that enabled countries to provide family planning, protect against malaria, limit the spread of pandemic threats, and support vital maternal and child health programs.

Currently, more than 300 million women in the world’s poorest countries have access to family planning services. The USAID l DELIVER PROJECT shipped contraceptives to 75 countries, meeting the reproductive health needs of millions of women and couples in developing countries around the globe. Because of this work, over 79 million unintended pregnancies may have been prevented, as well as 2.2 million infant and 212,000 maternal deaths. This could save more than $2.9 billion in direct health care spending.

Supply Chain Evolution: Adapting a Commercial Sector Maturity Model to Build Integrated Public Health Supply Chains

Since 2000, global malaria mortality rates have declined by 60 percent. The USAID l DELIVER PROJECT played a significant role in this work, shipping malaria commodities to 28 countries. These vital products included 188 million long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets, 505 million prescriptions of artemisinin-based combination therapy, 329 million rapid diagnostic tests, and 309 million sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine tablets that prevent malaria in pregnant mothers.

To help prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases, including avian and H1N1 influenzas, the project shipped over 38.6 million health supplies to 103 countries, preparing them for emergency responses.

Using a partnership approach, the project improved access to priority public health products in-country by redesigning supply chains, strengthening local institutions, scaling innovations, fostering collaboration, and improving data visibility and use. The USAID l DELIVER PROJECT was a global leader in strengthening supply chains that address the world’s most pressing health issues.

JSI is proud to have contributed to these results and remains committed to improving global health through strong supply chains that use innovative and sustainable approaches to delivering health products to people.

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