U.S. Ambassador Launches JSI-led HIV Programs in Ghana

October 1st, 2019 | News


October 1, 2019 — U.S. Ambassador to Ghana Stephanie S. Sullivan joined Government of Ghana representatives, the UNAIDS Country Representative for Ghana, and JSI representatives to launch a multi-stakeholder strategy to achieve HIV epidemic control in the country’s Western Region by September 2020. To reach this ambitious goal, Ghana adopted the UNAIDS 90-90-90 fast-track goals to ensure that 90% of people living with HIV know their status, 90% of those who know their positive status receive treatment, and 90% of people on treatment are virally suppressed, meaning their HIV virus is controlled and they cannot transmit the virus.

Out of the 334,000 Ghanaians who live with HIV, only 73% know their status, and fewer than half (45%) are on treatment. The Western Region has the largest population of female sex workers (20,000) in Ghana. This is due in part to a rise in natural resources extraction industries. The region also has the largest gap between the percentage of people living with HIV who know their status and the percentage of people with HIV who know their positive status and are on treatment.

Speaking at the launch, Ambassador Sullivan said, “Together, we will significantly decrease HIV transmission, provide lifesaving drugs for those who are HIV-positive, and promote prevention activities to reduce transmission.

We are confident this is possible, through the collaboration of committed stakeholders, including from both our governments, civil society, traditional leaders, key populations, and most importantly, all Ghanaians. Together, we will focus like a laser to achieve the UNAIDS 90-90-90 fast-track goals here in the Western Region over the next year.”

JSI is proud to be a part of this effort to reach epidemic control in the Western Region through a multi-stakeholder strategy. JSI will rely on our strong partnerships with the Ghanaian government, UNAIDS, civil society, and the U.S. government through USAID to effectively manage this effort.

To quote Ambassador Sullivan, “We believe the Western Region can achieve…90-90-90…by September 2020, thereby setting a pathway that other regions can follow. Achieving the 90-90-90 goal will demonstrate Ghana’s leadership in the fight against HIV.”

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