Transforming our Collective Urban Future: 17th Annual Urban Health Conference

June 29th, 2021 | News


Urbanization brings risks such as food and nutrition insecurity, inadequate sanitation and waste disposal, and infectious diseases such as HIV, TB, and water-borne diseases. While the challenges are immense, the future of human development depends on creating healthier urban environments and equitable access to high-quality immunization services.

Through our USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities project, we develop local approaches to urban planning and access to resources for underserved populations in four Asian cities. Our urban immunization experts work to build coalitions of civil society, private sector, and government health stakeholders, and engage civic authorities in immunization systems for sustainable and equitable vaccination of the urban poor.

Learn more about our urban health work at the 17th Annual International Conference on Urban Health.

JSI staff contributions;

Wednesday, June 23

Pre-conference workshop: Synthesizing Investment Opportunities for Strengthening Urban Health Systems. Presented by Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, BHC; Tjip Walker, USAID; Damodar Bachani, BHC; Bailey Goldman, Engaging Inquiry. 8–9:30 am EST

Tuesday, July 6

Poster: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Routine Immunization Inequities in Urban Areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Presented by Joel Bompongo. 3:306:30 pm EST

Poster: Improving Equality in Urban Immunization: Situational Analysis for the Development of a Roadmap in Karachi, Pakistan. Presented by Tariq Masood. 3:306:30 pm EST

Poster: Built Injustice: How Physical Attributes of Informal Urban Settlements may Exacerbate Non-communicable Disease Risk in Indore, India. Presented by Amina Goheer. 3:306:30 pm EST

Wednesday, July 7

Oral presentation: Improving Urban Public Health Governance via Call Center 112: A Citizen Reporting System in Makassar, Indonesia. Presented by Andi Alam. 8:30–10:00 am EST

Systems panel: Fostering Vibrant Urban Health Systems: Results of Participatory Action Inquiry in Three Asian Cities. Presented by Bailey Goldman, Engaging Inquiry; Alsa Bakhtawar, JSIPL; Muh. Afdhal, IOM; Thi Kinh Kieu, University of Da Nang. 8:3010:00 am EDT

Poster: Improving Urban Immunization Services in Cité Soleil, Haiti to Address the Zero-dose Children and Dropout Rates through a Human-Centered Approach. Presented by Pierre Fontaine. 3:306:30 pm EST

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