The Holy Grail of End-to-End Data Visibility for Your Health Supply Chain

July 20th, 2021 | News


The holy grail of almost all supply chains is to get data directly from customers to better enable end-to-end supply chain operations. Data and digitization are core to serving clients and supply chain transformation. And as this last year has reminded us, data about client demand as well as supply are essential for a resilient supply chain.

In this session with the Global Digital Health Network hosted in June 2021, we focused on the central role of data and digitization in next-generation health supply chains. We featured examples from four systems in three countries that demonstrate leadership and lessons in enhancing data visibility and use through digital solutions. These solutions have improved performance and increased transparency and accountability along the value chain.


  • Al Shiferaw, Technical Director/Deputy Chief of Party, USAID Digital Health Activity, JSI, Ethiopia
  • Harrison Mariki, Regional Technical Advisor, inSupply Health, Tanzania
  • Mercy Lutukai, Supply Chain Advisor, inSupply Health, Kenya

Moderator: Edward Wilson, Director, Center for Health Logistics and the Partnership for Supply Chain Management, JSI, USA

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