Telehealth: A tool to support your integrated care approach

March 15th, 2021 | News

Telehealth is a Tool not a Care Model

At the end of 2020, Senior Consultant, Stacey Moody, connected with our longtime partner Donald Moore, chief executive officer of the Pueblo Community Health Center (PCHC) in Colorado. Donald told us how PCHC implemented telehealth throughout the pandemic while aiming to maintain its ideal care model.

Telehealth is a means to improving our patient’s health outcomes, engaging patients in their care and having them achieve a greater control over their health, and making sure that people don’t experience barriers when they need healthcare, and we are treating patients with dignity and respect and serving them in a culturally competent way. – Donald Moore

Listen to the full conversation on our podcast.

Learn more about how we support our partners telehealth efforts to extend services and access to specialization to their clients that might not otherwise be available in their immediate community.

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