Supporting U.S. Leadership on the Nutrition Year of Action

September 24th, 2021 | news


This week is the United Nations Food Systems Summit, a historic opportunity for people around the world to leverage the power of food systems to drive economic and social recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. We stand alongside President Biden and his administration, and over 15 organizations including Save the Children, FHI Solutions, and CARE, calling for the U.S. Government to take bold action at the summit and commit to working with marginalized communities to end hunger and malnutrition by 2030 and sustainably strengthen local food systems.

Globally, undernutrition causes nearly half of all deaths of children under five, and the consequences extend well beyond childhood. JSI helps to build the capacity of food, health, and nutrition care systems to mitigate the multiple underlying causes of malnutrition and deliver high-quality services.

This year’s summit is a part of 2021’s Nutrition Year of Action, addressing the increasing rates of malnutrition around the world. To reduce these rates, the U.S. Government must emphasize the importance of improving nutrition for vulnerable communities, particularly mothers, children, and adolescent girls, throughout the UN Food Systems Summit. It is critical for the U.S. to be a global leader in strengthening nutrition and food systems, helping to put an end to preventable child and maternal deaths.

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