Supporting the COVID-19 Response in Timor-Leste

September 2nd, 2020 | News


Our USAID-funded Reinforce Basic Health Services Project procured a level 2 biosafety cabinet for Timor-Leste’s National Laboratory to support the country’s COVID-19 response. The biosafety cabinet will protect laboratory workers and the surrounding environment, including enabling safe COVID-19 test analysis. Upon arrival at the port in Timor-Leste’s capital, Dili, the biosafety cabinet was taken to the National Laboratory of the Hospital National Guido Valladares. Timor-Leste is now better equipped to respond to the pandemic thanks to the specific COVID-19 funding allocated to our work in Timor-Leste.

Photo: Dr. Nevio Sarmento, a medical scientist at the National Laboratory Timor-Leste, is happy to receive the level 2 biosafety cabinet, which will strengthen Timor-Leste’s COVID-19 response system.

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