Strengthening Health Management Information Systems: Data Quality Review Findings and Solutions in Liberia

November 30th, 2021 | News


The availability and use of high-quality data is critical to developing robust health management information systems (HMIS). In 2020, we conducted a data quality review (DQR) with several core partners and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to understand challenges in developing and maintaining HMIS data quality and use in Liberia. We compared the results of this DQR with one conducted in 2017, and made the following recommendations to bolster HMIS and overall health systems. 

  1. The MOH should strengthen human resources for HMIS in health facilities (e.g., employ a designated person, build staff capacity) to improve data quality.
  2. County and district health offices should review data quality at every reporting level (i.e., health facility, district, county) and provide feedback to improve data accuracy.
  3. The MOH and its partners should ensure the availability of HMIS data recording and reporting forms in public and private hospitals, health centers, and clinics.
  4. District and county officials should conduct on-the-job training for health facility staff to reduce calculation and transcription errors during the preparation of monthly reports.
  5. District and county officials should ensure that data are used for program improvement at the point of generation in health facilities, rather than simply being forwarded to the next level.

Data availability, quality, and use is essential to improving health program coverage, management, and overall outcomes. Learn more about our findings and solutions.

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