JSI's Reproductive Health National Training Center seeks a highly experienced strategic consultant to support Title X grantee request for assistance. The work listed below is anticipated, but additional work may be required based on grantee needs.

Potential consultants are asked to provide a full CV and approved daily rate to Jennifer_Kawatu@jsi.com by 5:00pm EST on Wednesday, September 28.

Statement of Work

  1. Review and provide subject matter expertise for an agenda for in-person Convening to respond to the changing policy landscape

  2. Provide subject matter expertise for a resource to support a resource on project promotion and Search Engine Optimization for Title X Grantees

  3. Provide subject matter expertise to support development of partnerships / effective community engagement  

  4. Provide subject matter expertise on communication in training / change management 

  5. Provide expert review of the staff retention toolkit 

  6. Provide strategic direction and support for the promotion of OWH products across a wide audience

  7. Develop and moderate a webinar to highlight innovative practices on the part of Title X grantees in the field for responding to the changing policy landscape.

  8. Review and provide content expertise related to Title X services for the OWH priority areas in order to ensure RHNTC deliverables are tailored to Title X grantee needs.