In September 2022, the Reproductive Health National Training Center (RHNTC) completed an internal equity audit with an external party focused on:

  • Project and leadership’s commitment to equity

  • Project culture

  • Workforce capacity

  • Community partnership and accountability

  • Policies, products, and decision-making   

The team now seeks assistance with sharing the audit findings with the broader team, creating an environment in which the team is ready and able to move forward with steps to improve equity, and developing a strategic plan that clearly outlines key actions.


Engage the RHNTC team in visioning around equity; assist the team in creating space for community connection and relationship repair, focused on building a culture rooted in respect and care; facilitate the development of, and agreement to definitions of equity and related concepts. 


Key Deliverables 

  • Facilitate 6 RHNTC subteam discussions of equity audit recommendations

  • Facilitate at least 2 sessions with the Management Team on its current stage of equity work 

  • Facilitate up to 8 Community Circles to foster team building and repair

  • Facilitate up to 4 whole team discussions to reflect on stages of equity work

  • Facilitate a process to develop an Equity Strategic Plan that addresses:

    • Structures for deeper, asset-based community engagement

    • Management Team skills building

    • Development of an equity tool for product development

    • Hiring and retention efforts

    • Application of an equity lens to professional development

    • Integration of a restorative approach to conflict

    • Evaluation of progress using data collection and analysis

    • Strategy for sustainability

Please email quotes to no later than 3:00pm EST on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.