JSI's Reproductive Health National Training Center seeks a qualified subcontractor who will be responsible for providing audio and visual support for the development of multimedia components of training including original graphic videos, video production, video editing of storyboard, ideas for audio and video production, and edits. The contractor will work collaboratively with JSI on storyboards, production elements and edits.

JSI will provide subject matter expertise, scripts, and rough storyboards for the contractor's deliverables on topics such as endocrine disruptors, infertility, the clinical pathway for hypertension services, mitigating the impact of weight stigma and bias in family planning services, implicit bias and recognizing postpartum warning signs as well as case study videos to highlight innovative practices among peer organizations. 

Quotes must be emailed to Jennifer_Kawatu@jsi.com by 5:00pm EST on September 28.

 Deliverables: Up to 12 videos whose total run times will vary between 2 and 20 minutes, with full video production services, up to 6 podcasts, and up to 10 hours of video editing of existing content. These videos will include, up to: 

  1. Clinical Pathways for Hypertension in Family planning  (5 min) graphic video (original graphics and full production)

  2. Alaska Hypertension Case Study (5 min) (using footage provided from interviews)

  3. 4 Additional case study videos (up to 8 minutes in length)

  4. 5 Additional graphic videos (up to 8 minutes in length)

  5. 6 podcasts (run times vary, assume 20 minutes for purposes of budgeting)