Shaping Health Supply Chains for the Future

March 10th, 2022 | News


Adaptable and resilient supply chains are the backbone of health systems that provide regular access to lifesaving commodities and medicines to people everywhere. We work closely with national governments and local partners in more than 30 countries to build, scale up, and sustain high-performing health supply chains.

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in supply chain challenges that resulted in new approaches to delivering health commodities to people. From scaling up differentiated service delivery approaches to identifying increasingly local and virtual models for building supply chain capacity to establishing closer connections between the private and public sectors, we work with governments to strengthen their people-centered supply chains.

The workforces enabling the global supply chain are many and include market and supply chain data analysts, logistics and commodity security specialists, procurement and sourcing specialists, and more. Learn more about how we are shaping health supply chains for the future.

Shaping the Future of Supply Chains: Johanna Kazi

Shaping the Future of Supply Chains: Roberta Heij

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