Responding to COVID-19 in the U.S.

In the United States, JSI staff are supporting the COVID-19 response by working with state health departments and local partners to implement case investigation and contact tracing programs, plan and execute vaccination clinics, and maintain continuity of operations of essential public health programs.

JSI staff filled lead roles in state Incident Command Structures, collaborating with health department staff to lead to case investigation, contact tracing, and surveillance and epidemiology efforts by:

  • Writing protocols and scripts for exposed contact notification and monitoring, case interviews, and patient monitoring, and exposure investigations in schools and other institutions.
  • Implementing new software to more efficiently notify and interview a high volume of exposed contacts and confirmed cases.
  • Developing and improving processes for internal and external communications.
  • Training new response staff on contact tracing, case investigation, and data management.
  • Conducting contact tracing investigations, including making calls to confirmed cases, exposed contacts, business owners, and other organizational setting representatives.
  • Providing education and public health recommendations on quarantine, isolation, and infection prevention to members of the public.
  • Coordinating data acquisition, analysis, and report preparation for COVID-19 dashboards and other pandemic-related data analysis projects.

JSI is supporting vaccine rollout by assisting with state-level planning to reach homebound populations with the COVID-19 vaccine as well as by supporting local vaccination efforts as clinical volunteers in the Medical Reserve Corps.

This work builds on JSI’s years of experience supporting emergency vaccination planning and response. For almost two decades, JSI has worked with states and health care coalitions to strengthen plans for medical countermeasures dispensing through collaborative planning, training, and implementation of discussion and operations-based exercises focusing on closed and open points of dispensing.

JSI has supported point-of-dispensing planning, exercising, and improvement planning that is integral to infectious disease vaccination efforts such as the H1N1, and now, the COVID-19, response.

Trusted partners are essential to reaching communities – particularly those hit hardest hit by COVID-19 – with accurate information on vaccine safety, availability, and access points. JSI has helped these partners through the implementation of award-winning, multi-media campaigns like Start the Conversation, focusing on routine health care, community immunity, and vaccine safety to increase immunization rates. JSI’s communications experts have assisted providers to manage the pandemic’s impact on health care access, by developing COVID-19-related job aids and a COVID-19 social media toolkit for Title X family planning agencies, and incorporating COVID-19-related messaging into ongoing youth substance use-prevention campaigns.

Start the Conversation Campaign Image encourages clients to talk to their health providers about immunization