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Zanzibar Central Medical Stores Network and Transportation Optimization Analysis


The Zanzibar Central Medical Store (CMS) is transitioning from a resupply system; products are being rationed and pushed out to health facilities, using an integrated logistics management system (ZILS) for reporting and distribution—facilities place orders and are resupplied products, accordingly. It is envisioned that the ZILS will empower the CMS to improve its mandate to supply good quality medicines, medical supplies, and equipment at affordable prices, which approved government and nongovernment healthcare facilities make available.

As of January 2014, ZILS has been fully implemented in all facilities of Unguja and Pemba islands. The Network and Transportation Optimization Analysis complements the ZILS implementation by examining the parallel supply chains managed by CMS; they are being integrated under the new system to facilitate a smooth operation transition, including an understanding of the funding requirements. The goals of this analysis are to build supply chain network optimization models that identify cost-saving measures for warehousing, sourcing, inventory management, distribution, and route planning for the integrated supply under CMS. Specifically, this analysis examines the optimal location for a Pemba warehouse and how distribution routes can be optimized to reduce the operational costs associated with storing and delivering products to all health facilities on the islands. JSI / USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 2014.

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