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Using Reality Check and PipeLine for Contraceptive Forecasting and Supply Planning Technical Brief


This technical brief provides an overview and comparison of two important tools that can be used together to support a national contraceptive quantification exercise—Reality Check and PipeLine. It also provides information on how Reality Check can be used outside the quantification process to help programs set realistic family planning program goals and to estimate health impacts for advocacy purposes. This guidance will be helpful when a country or program uses the two tools together during a quantification exercise, or if the country wants to select a tool or tools to assist in family planning program planning and quantification.

Enabling and strengthening in-country capacity for reproductive health commodity security is a fundamental step in safeguarding against stock-outs of these critical supplies. This brief is aimed at technical advisors and program officers who work to ensure that every person is able to obtain and use the affordable, high-quality reproductive health commodities of their choice, regardless of where they live. JSI / USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and EngenderHealth. 2016.

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