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USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project Year in Review: 2017


In 2017, the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project's (the Care Continuum) in Ghana activities shifted attitudes from the focus on prevention (i.e. reaching and educating key populations [KP] on remaining HIV negative) promoted by previous USAID-funded KP projects to a focus on treatment (reach, test all, and put those who test positive onto treatment). The project worked closely with GOG counterparts to revise key policies, guidelines, and materials — including KP SOPs and SBCC materials — to reflect the shifted policy direction and enable government partners to effectively coordinate, plan, monitor, and evaluate all HIV prevention, care, and support activities. The project also worked closely with GOG counterparts to help expand access to comprehensive KP-friendly HIV services across the continuum of care.

This year in review document summarizes the project's contributions to Ghana's National HIV response. JSI/ USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum. 2017.

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