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Upgrading Supply Chain Management Systems to Improve Availability of Medicines in Tanzania: Evaluation of Performance and Cost Effects

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To address challenges in public health supply chain performance, Tanzania invested in a national logistics management unit (LMU) and a national electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS). This evaluation examined the impact of these two key management upgrades approximately one year after they were introduced. It was found that investing in a LMU and eLMIS resulted in better data use and improvements in some, but not all, management practices. After one year, key improvements included: reduced stock-out rates, stock-out duration, and expiry rates. The upgraded systems contributed to a greater system efficiency and generated modest savings that defrayed much of the investment and maintenance costs.
Authors: Marasi Mwencha, James Rosen, Cary Spisak, Noel Watson, Noela Kisoka, Happiness Mberesero

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