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Updating and Monitoring Your Immunization Microplan: Guidelines to Support Woreda Health Offices and their Health Facilities to Routinely Update their Microplans


Health interventions, including immunization, depend on good planning, implementation, and monitoring. Microplanning is a powerful tool to help managers and health workers to accomplish all these activities. Once created, microplans should be regularly reviewed and updated. By maintaining these plans, managers and health workers can correct problems and adjust strategies and frequency of immunization sessions to achieve targets and improve and sustain services.

Up-to-date microplans can be used as advocacy tools for obtaining support from local government, donors, nongovernmental organizations, community-based organizations, and the community.

This guidance document is intended to help woreda and Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) officers review their Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) performance and provides instructions on how to update their EPI microplan regularly. JSI, 2019.

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