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Traceability in Ethiopia’s Health Sector: Piloting GSI Barcodes with Global Trade Item Number Serialization to Track Health Commodities from Supplier to Health Facility


This brief describes how Ethiopia’s Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA), with support from JSI's USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, has successfully piloted the GS11 barcode technology to enhance their health commodity supply chain.

PFSA, a division of the Federal Ministry of Health, currently distributes more than U.S. $850 million dollars’ worth of health commodities annually, supplying nearly 20,000 health service delivery points: hospitals, health centers, and health posts. The pilot project developed a custom mobile app—GS1 Barcode Reader—and it had positive results, including faster and more accurate data entry, as well as the successful tracking and tracing of health products from manufacturer to health facilities.


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