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Towards a Framework for Realising the Benefits of eHealth in South Africa


The South African national eHealth strategy (2012/2013–2016/2017) includes a strategic priority focused on the realization of benefits. The strategy states that “[s]pecific actions are required to ensure that eHealth implementations deliver on their promise and that anticipated benefits are realized for all stakeholders.”

The activity highlighted within this priority was the development of “…a benefits realization plan which specifies health outcome benefits expected at the local level for all eHealth interventions.” Although this was never completed, it would be an effective starting place to understand the benefits of eHealth. Once benefits have been shown clearly, generating business cases and obtaining appropriate funding and support for projects become easier.

This document summarizes an eHealth benefits realization framework toolkit, which consists of technical briefs and a set of examples. JSI/MEASURE Evaluation Strategic Information for South Africa. 2018.

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