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The Impact of Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Diseases Interventions to Prevent Malaria Fever in Children Less than Five Years Old in Bauchi State of Nigeria


Malaria accounts for about 300,000 childhood deaths and 30% of under-five year old mortality in Nigeria annually. JSI's Targeted States High Impact Project assessed the impact of intervention strategies that integrated Patent Medicines Vendors into community case management of childhood-diseases, improved access to artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) and distributed bed nets to households. Researchers explored the influence of household socioeconomic characteristics on the impact of the interventions on fever in the under-five year olds in Bauchi State Nigeria.

The study sampled 3077 and 2737 under-5 year olds from 1,588 and 1601 households in pre- and post-intervention periods respectively, wbetween 2013 to 2015. Read the full article at PLOS One.

Authors: Dele Abegunde, Nosa Orobaton , Amos Bassi , Olugbenga Oguntunde , Moyosola Bamidele , Masduq Abdulkrim , Ezenwa Nwizugbe

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