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Sustaining Immunization Gains for All Communities in Ethiopia: Final Report of the RED-QI Sustainability Inquiry


The RED-QI approach, implemented in Ethiopia by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., beginning in 2011, worked to improve the performance of the immunization system in 103 woredas (districts)—about two-thirds of which have limited infrastructure and remote communities, including nomadic populations. JSI’s bottom-up approach—working at the facility and woreda level to integrate quality improvement into the existing national immunization strategy—Reaching Every District (RED)—resulted in immunization system improvements. 

This report describes the methodology and findings of an inquiry on the elements of RED-QI that were sustained beyond direct technical support, and the factors that contributed to the continuation (or non-continuation) of these activities. The findings are also described in a summary report. JSI, Universal Immunization through Improving Family Health Services Project. 2020.

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