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Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) 10-year Review


In 2005, USAID under PEPFAR established the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) to provide a reliable, cost-effective, and secure supply of products for HIV/AIDS programs in PEPFAR-supported countries. The project’s goal was to make real and lasting progress toward achieving universal access by bringing down the cost of treatment and strengthening in-country supply chains.

By the end of the project in 2015, SCMS supported more than 9.5 million patients on anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment, and the cost of drugs to treat a single patient had dropped to $110 per year. SCMS provided more than 70% of these PEPFAR-funded medicines. This progress could not have been made without addressing challenges in the public health supply chains of the hardest-hit countries.

This document highlights the ten years of SCMS work in 25 countries, including the initiatives innovative strategies and approaches to generate efficiencies all along the supply chain. SCMS, 2015.

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