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Strengthening Public Private Partnership for More and Better Health Outcomes in Ethiopia: Expert Reviews and Case Studies

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The main purpose of this review paper is to contribute to developing better policies and programs that enable public-private partnerships (PPPs) to contribute to better outcomes by understanding existing structures, experiences, and practices both globally and in Ethiopia.

The results section of this report has two main sections: one of the sections focuses on findings from the identified “PPP case studies,” and the second section summarizes the findings from key informant interviews. More detailed information on the “PPP case studies” and review of global experience on PPP in health are attached as Annexes.

This is a preliminary report to initiate discussion and planning of concrete activities on PPP within the Ministry of Health (MOH), federal agencies, regions, private providers and their associations for better partnership between government and the private sector moving forward. The report will be updated as more data is available. JSI / HEPCAPS2 Project, 2015.

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