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STAR-EC Technical Brief: Integrating TB and HIV Services in East Central Uganda


Uganda is one of 22 countries identified as having a high burden of tuberculosis (TB) infection. In Uganda, an estimated one half of TB patients are co-infected with HIV1. TB is the leading cause of mortality and a common cause of morbidity among HIV patients. In order to eliminate new infections and to prevent deaths from both diseases, strong mechanisms for integrated delivery of TB and HIV services must be in place.

STAR-EC partnered with the NTLP and NACP to strengthen integrated TB and HIV services at the district, community, and facility levels throughout the East Central Region. By building human resource capacity and renovating facilities to improve and extend services to more people—especially those at high risk—the project registered steady improvement of TB and HIV indicators. According to project data, between 2009 and 2016, the percentage of TB/HIV co-infected patients enrolled on ART increased from 18 percent to 96 percent and HIV prevalence among TB patients fell progressively from 37 percent to 31 percent. STAR-EC/JSI, 2016

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