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SPRING/Uganda: Mapping of Maize Millers: A Road Map to Scaling Up Maize Flour Fortification


The Government of Uganda has made considerable progress in advancing the food fortification agenda and developing food quality control systems.

SPRING's goal was to establish baseline information on maize flour processing and the status of maize flour fortification in the different regions of Uganda. Mapping the maize millers was a nationwide exercise.

The survey took place in the four major regions of the country and reached 780 maize millers from 62 districts. Survey results indicated the central region has the highest percentage of maize millers and most maize millers (46.3 percent) have a production capacity of 1–5 metric tons (MTs) per day.

Across all regions, reliable availability of electricity was the biggest challenge faced by maize millers. In addition, most of the maize millers in Uganda exhibited at least one poor manufacturing practice (relating to infrastructure, sanitation, or availability of storage facilities of raw materials and finished products).

This document highlights the methodology and findings as well as conclusions and recommendations. JSI/SPRING Project. 2017.

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