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SPRING Summary of Qualitative Findings in Kisoro and Lira Districts, Uganda


The SPRING Project is collecting data prospectively in two countries—Uganda and Nepal—to document the decisionmaking process for prioritizing and funding nutrition-relevant activities within the context of their national nutrition action plans (NNAP). We began work in Uganda in November 2013. The overall goal of these “Pathways to Better Nutrition” case studies is to provide insight into how NNAP activities are prioritized across sectors, and how that prioritization affects the financial resources committed to nutrition.

This brief summarizes all themes found during the baseline district data collection period in 2014. It aims to answer various questions at the district level in Uganda from district stakeholder perceptions of nutrition and the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) to how districts have prioritized and funded nutrition activities and interventions, as well as identifying the barriers to coordination and implementation of the UNAP and recommendations to address the barriers?

Findings from the two study districts will help stakeholders in food and nutrition better coordinate, plan, budget, implement and monitor the UNAP implementation at the district level. JSI/SPRING, 2016.

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